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To request a Littleton Police Department case report, complete the Records Request Form(PDF, 5MB)  . Send it to Littleton Police Records either by:

Police Records Reports and Fees

Effective 1/15/2022 as approved by Littleton City Council

Record Fee
Automotive accident reports — Automotive accident reports can be purchased through LexisNexis BuyCrash system. You can access the BuyCrash website here. In addition to the online system, accident reports can also be requested by completing the Records Request Form (found above) or by calling Littleton Police Records at 303-795-3880. $12 (BuyCrash)
$10 (LPD records)
Police Reports — Includes the first ten pages; $0.25 (25 cents) for each additional page thereafter. An additional $10 fee will be charged for certified copies, including Call for Service (CAD) reports $10
Research fee $25
Name check / background clearance letter $10

Body Worn Camera (BWC) (Blurred video) (Non-Refundable Deposit) There is a one-hour minimum ($30) fee, plus the required research ($25) and media fee ($15) for all requests, regardless of overall video length. This minimum fee total is $70. Each additional hour of BWC blurring will be billed at $30/hour. Additional fees may apply.

After the non-refundable deposit is paid, an LPD Digital Media Technician (DMT) will provide a summary report to the requester with the estimated total (based on number of videos, average length of videos, at $30/recorded hour multiplied by three. If the requester approves the estimated total, then the DMT will begin the Blurring process. The requester will be responsible for the entire cost of service if the blurring process begins. 

BWC requests will be processed within 21 days of the request unless the release would substantially interfere with an active or ongoing investigation and shall be released within 45 days.

Crime lab photo/video/audio $30
Media Fee (CD/DVD/Flash drive) (Required for all digital evidence) $15
Communication center audio $30 (plus $15 media fee) (plus $25 for rush requests)
Sex Offender initial registration $75
Sex Offender subsequent registration

Checks or money order only; make checks payable to City of Littleton

For questions, email