Living with Coyotes

Photo of a Coyote

It is important to remember that we are living in an area inhabited by wildlife. One of the great things about Colorado is our parks, rivers and trails and the ability to see wildlife everywhere. However, this comes at a cost. As the Front Range continues to grow and urbanize, wildlife habitats are being reduced, human and wildlife encounters are increasing, and wildlife is losing its wariness of people. So what can we do to reduce these conflicts?

  1. Don’t leave pet food and water outside after you have brought your pet back inside.
  2. Don’t be afraid if you observe a coyote; enjoy the experience. However, if you have an incident with a coyote, you can call the Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 303-291-7227.
  3. Use low-intensity hazing techniques if coyotes are on your property or approach too closely. These include:
    • Yelling and clapping
    • Banging pots and pans together
    • Throwing small rocks and sticks
    • Spraying with water guns, garden hoses and sprinklers
    • Using noise-making devices
    • Installing motion-sensor lights
    • Motion-sensor sprinkler systems
    • Deterrent sprays

Sometimes it will be necessary for more intense hazing techniques to be used if there are a large number of coyotes or the coyotes engage in unacceptable behavior. In these cases the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division will work with local governments to implement those techniques.

Like our trails, rivers and open space, wildlife is one of the things that makes living in Colorado special and we can all work together to keep it that way.