Circa 1890-1893

Littleton Police History

A.G. Guy Sutton
Littleton Historical Museum photo

Littleton Town Marshal A.G. "Guy" Sutton (left-center holding handgun) and other townspeople are photographed at the original jailhouse in Littleton. Sutton was Littleton's first official Town Marshal. He served in that capacity from 1890 through 1893. Little is presently known about him, nor about many of the other early marshals. The jail building was constructed in the late 1800's using heavy, 2x6 wooden timbers stacked together. It occupied several downtown locations until about 1922 when it was replaced by a new jail that was built behind the Town Hall on Main Street. The new jail was a small, one room, concrete blockhouse with electric lighting, a coal stove, indoor toilet, and several sleeping bunks. It was used for minor lawbreakers until the late 1930's when all prisoners were then taken to the Arapahoe County jail at the Sheriff's Office. In later years, the small jail building was used only for storage and was eventually torn down in 1955 to provide more parking space behind the Town Hall.