Littleton Police Release Video of Officer-Involved Shooting

Published on February 27, 2023

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Littleton Police Release Video of Officer-Involved Shooting 

On Friday, February 24, the Littleton Police Department (LPD) released to the family of the deceased unedited video and audio recordings of the Officer-Involved Shooting that occurred on the morning of February 2, 2023. 


In compliance with Colorado State Law, LPD released the video to the family and then waited the required 72-hour time frame prior to releasing the video publicly. Please note the LPD does not have dashboard cameras in any patrol vehicle.  


It is the commitment of the Littleton Police Department to provide transparency to the department’s actions. LPD understands that there will still be questions surrounding this incident. Per standard policy, it is important to note this case is still under external investigation by the 18th Judicial District Critical Response Team (CRT), and additional information cannot be released at this time. Since LPD is not the investigating agency, LPD does not possess most of the information on the facts of this case, including any statements made or interviews conducted with the officer following the incident.  The CRT is designed to have a hard wall between the LPD and the entity investigating the incident. LPD will release more information when the CRT investigation is complete.


Per department policy, an internal review of this incident will be completed separately from (and upon the completion of) the CRT investigation into the shooting. The internal review is intended to assess the incident for department policy compliance and to identify any potential training needs or modifications. 


Please be advised that this video contains graphic content that may be difficult to watch. The deceased’s face has been blurred in an effort to protect a privacy interest. 


Video of Officer Involved Shooting 

Link to Original Release 


 Crimes Scene Techs Document Stolen Motorcycle from the Scene   

Photo: Crime Scene Technicians Document Stolen Motorcycle from Scene.  

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