Littleton Police Receive 616 Armor Donation

Published on February 01, 2024

Group of Police Officers in front of armor plates

On Wednesday, January 31, the Littleton Police Department (LPD) received a donation of 23 sets of armor for bulletproof vests from Shield 616. Shield 616 is a non-profit organization founded to provide protective gear to peace officers and first responders across the country.

Photo of Armor Plates


During the ceremony Shield 616 also provided support teams to each officer. These teams are volunteers from the community who stood with the officer when he or she received the armor. The teams also offered prayers for the officer and will continue to support and encourage them for days and months to come. 


 The armor is valued at around $36,000. The funds were raised by Shield 616 and local community members. The Littleton Police Department (LPD) would like to thank Shield 616 and the community for thier generosity and support.

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