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The Littleton Police Department is Hiring Officers

The Littleton Police Department has an entry level opportunity for a non-POST certified candidate to join our accomplished and professional organization as a Police Officer Recruit.

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The LPD is a CALEA accredited law enforcement agency and is proud of the highly trained officers and staff who consistently achieve full accreditation. 


The City of Littleton offers outstanding benefits and perks to employees. Littleton Police Officers are enrolled in a Defined Benefit Retirement Plan and Death and Disability Plan through the financially secure Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado (FPPA). To learn about all of the departments competitive benefits, please see the 2024 Benefit Guide. 


The Littleton Police Lateral or POST Certified Position  

Starting salary for POST Certified Police Officer V: $72,633

Starting salary for lateral Police Officer II: $96,385


The Littleton Police Recruit Position

Starting salary for Police Officer Recruit:   $69,474

Upon successful graduation from academy, Police Officer Recruit will be eligible for promotion to Police Officer V with a salary increase to $76,265 plus all applicable benefits as a sworn officer.


Successful candidates will start employment and begin Academy training in January 2024. See below for key dates in the hiring process.

This position with the City of Littleton does NOT require a POST certification. All other education, training, experience, and minimum qualifications must be met. Non-POST certified candidates will be sponsored by the City of Littleton at a state approved POST program of the city's selection. While attending the POST certification training no paid leave of any kind or seniority will accrue. Candidates will not be eligible for overtime during POST certification academy. Accruals of leave and seniority benefits start upon successful completion of the POST certification. No time off may be taken during the sponsored education and POST certification training. Police Officer Recruit is eligible for medical, vision, dental and life insurance benefits while in POST certification training. A training and education agreement is required.


Upon successful gradation from academy and becoming a commissioned/sworn officer, position will be governed by a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) covering wages, most benefits and working conditions. The CBA is negotiated with the city by the board of directors of the FOP Lodge 26/Littleton Police Officers Association. The current CBA is for the duration of 01/01/23-12/31/25. The full CBA is available to police officer candidates upon request. 

Wages 2023-2025:





Police Officer V




Police Officer IV




Police Officer III




Police Officer II




Police Officer I












Corporal, Step C




Corporal, Step B




Corporal, Step A




Sergeant, Step C




Sergeant, Step B




Sergeant, Step A





Master Police Officer (MPO) Incentive program

Health/Vision/Dental Insurance

Paid Life Insurance (1.5x salary)

Bi-weekly Monetary Uniform Cleaning Allowance

Basic Uniform Issue and Annual Monetary Uniform/Equipment Purchase Allowance

4/10 Shift Schedule

Overtime (pay or comp time) at 1.5x hourly wage over 10h/day or 40/h week

Comp Time Bank (earned as overtime)

Paid Court Time

Discipline process and procedures in CBA


Paid Vacation/Holiday Time:

Benefit Level

Annual Hours

1 thru 4 years


5 years thru 9 years


10 years thru 14 years


15 years thru 19 years


Over 20 years



Paid Sick Leave-10 hours per month

Full Line of Duty Injury Leave

Sworn Retiree Health Plan after minimum age 58 and 15 years of service

On-Call/Call-Out Pay

Educational Incentive-Time Off for BA/BS degree and above

Defense of Civil Claims Article

Line of Duty Death Benefit

Bereavement Leave

Officer Privacy Article


The Littleton Police Department is not Currently Hiring Dispatchers at this time


More information will be posted here if a dispatch position opens up.


LPD emergency dispatchers are at the heart of public safety operations. This is a fast paced highly rewarding career. LPD is looking for people who want to help others and give back to the community. The Littleton Police Communication Center is staffed by professionals trained to answer incoming 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls, assess priorities of calls and dispatch the appropriate emergency responses to ensure the safety of citizens, visitors and emergency personnel.

The Emergency Services Dispatcher receives non-emergency and emergency 9-1-1 calls from the public and dispatches the appropriate emergency units. Maintains and verbally communicates resource information to police officers, and citizens. Determines and dispatches appropriate police units to respond to both emergency and routine situations. Contacts and coordinates support agency response to calls.

The City of Littleton believes in attracting and retaining the best talent with strategies include hiring in at market pay and career development opportunities. 

Starting pay at or near $29.27 per hour

Lateral starting pay at or near $30.00 per hour

Hiring Incentive: 

This position includes a $2,000 Hiring Incentive

($500 payable on first full paycheck; $500 payable upon successful completion of training; $1,000 payable upon successful completion of 12-month probationary period).


This full-time position is non-exempt per FLSA and is eligible for overtime compensation.