Citizen Academy


The fall session of the Littleton Police Citizen Academy is full and registration is closed. The Littleton Police Department (LPD) will host the spring session beginning the first week of March 2025. 

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 Photo of Fall 2023 Citizen Academy Graduates   

What is the Citizen Academy?

The Littleton Police Citizen Academy is a series of classes designed to give community members a peek into the inner workings of the Littleton Police Department. A diverse selection of topics is covered in an effort to give attendees an idea of what, why, and how the police operate.

Each topic is taught by Littleton police officers or civilian staff members, each an expert in their field. Each instructor describes the functions of his/her position and is available to answer questions. Some of the classes also include practical exercises.

Participation in demonstrations and exercises is voluntary. Additionally, each participant has a chance to ride along with a patrol officer and spend time in the communications center.

What is the goal of the Citizen Academy?

The goal of the Citizen Academy is to promote a better relationship between the police department and the community it serves and to foster a clearer understanding of a police officer's duties, how the officer carries out those duties, and the end results of the officer's actions. The Citizen Academy is not being held to train citizens as police officers or to exercise police authority of any kind.

What will citizens learn?

The instructors are comprised of Littleton police officers and civilian staff members. These instructors will describe the functions of their position and will be available to field any questions that arise from their instruction. The classes will survey the basics of police training and will give an overview of how the police department interfaces with the rest of the criminal justice system. Some of the information for classes are:

  • Officer Survival
  • Defensive Tactics
  • SWAT
  • Victim Assistance
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Use of Force
  • Firearms simulator
  • Ride-a-long with patrol officer
  • Communications Center
  • DUI and Traffic Enforcement
  • Community Policing
  • Drugs and Gangs
  • Criminal Law

To be eligible to participate in Citizen Academy, you must:

  • be over 16 years of age;
  • live or work within the Littleton city limits, or belong to a city-wide service club or organization. Those who do not live and/or work in the city will be accepted as space allows.
  • complete, sign and submit the Littleton Police Citizen Academy application

Graduates of the Citizen Academy are invited to join the Littleton Police Citizen Academy Alumni Association and the Friends of Littleton K9. For further information regarding participation in the Citizen Academy, contact Littleton Police at 303-795-3875.