Report an incident

  • If this is an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • If a crime is in progress, call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • If someone is hurt or threatened, call 9-1-1 immediately.

To report a MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT, do not use this page.
Instead, use the Colorado State Patrol Online Accident Report System

To report ILLEGAL STREET RACING, visit Report Colorado Street Racing website

How to file an online police report

Littleton Police Badge

Please read all the information on the page before continuing to the Online Reporting System.

This reporting system is for non-emergency property crimes and incidents that have occurred only within the Littleton city limits. Due to the nature of this type of report, no further investigation is anticipated. This report is for your information or insurance reporting purposes only. Although an officer will not investigate this crime, filing this report will assist in identifying the types and locations of crimes committed in Littleton. All property with serial numbers will be entered in the Colorado Crime Information computer. Once you complete this form, a case number will be assigned. Use this case number when referring this crime to your insurance company. Police report information is public record.

Use the latest version of either Internet Explorer (for Windows computers), Safari (for Macintosh computers), or Firefox (for either platform). If the suggested browsers are not available, then complete the Littleton Police Cold Incident Report(PDF, 80KB), sign it, then fax, mail, or bring it to the Littleton Police Department Records Division, 2255 W Berry Ave, Littleton, CO 80120; fax 303-795-3705.

This form should ONLY be used if the following criteria are met. If the criteria are not met, the crime must be reported in person. Lost or stolen firearms must be reported in person, regardless of their value.

  • it is a non-emergency crime;
  • it is a non-violent crime;
  • no physical evidence was left by the suspects;
  • you cannot identify a suspect;
  • the incident occurred within the Littleton city limits. If unsure, check the Littleton Address Wizard first.

The following types of crimes may be reported online. All other crimes must be reported in person. If the total combined value of all items being reported exceeds $2,000, or if you have suspect information, please call the police non-emergency number at 303-794-1551.

  • Damage to Property or Vehicle
    • total damage estimated under $2,000
  • Theft
    • total combined value less than $2,000
    • includes gas drive-off, motor vehicle parts and accessories
    • excludes theft of property inside a motor vehicle
  • Lost Property
    • total combined valued under $2,000
  • Burglary
    • total combined value under $2,000
    • items stolen from home/garage with no suspect information
  • Credit or Debit Card Fraud
    • non-verified use only (no signature)
    • total loss under $2,000
  • Identity Theft
    • no suspect information
    • total combined loss under $2,000
  • Theft of Vehicle Parts
    • total combined value under $2,000
    • theft of rims, antenna, hood ornament, catalytic convertor etc. with no suspect information
  • Trespass to Motor Vehicle
    • access gained through locked or unlocked doors with no suspect information
    • items may have been stolen total combined value under $2,000 with no suspect information

Begin Online Police Report

If the above link does not open the Online Police Report, then your browser may lack certain functions that are necessary to complete the report. Either update your browser to a current version, or print the Littleton Police Cold Incident Report(PDF, 80KB), complete it and fax, mail or bring it to the Littleton Police Department Records Division2255 W. Berry Avenue, Littleton, CO 80120; fax 303-795-3705.