Circa 1910

Littleton Police History

William Billy Morgan
Littleton Historical Museum photo

Littleton Town Marshal William "Billy" Morgan (left) poses with an unidentified prisoner outside the Arapahoe County Courthouse. The Marshal may have been escorting the man to the county jail that was located in the lower level of the Courthouse. In 1934, the Sheriff's Office and jail were moved to a new building that was constructed directly north of the Courthouse. Later additions to this building have concealed most of the original construction; however, the original exterior south wall can still be seen today. Marshal Morgan wears plain clothes and a six-point star badge. Littleton marshals didn't wear uniforms until about 1924. The Police Department is presently looking for old badges but an original Littleton star badge has not yet been found. Morgan served as Marshal from 1908 through 1912.